Training and Events

Mega Pixels Digital is dedicated to offering and training events for photographers, assistants, and digital techs. We want to make sure you get the best out of your equipment, and that you’re taking full advantage of the best software and hardware available.

Mega Pixels Digital offers several different training courses for all levels of familiarity with Capture One software and Medium format hardware. A higher level digital technician event is also offered to prepare you for working professionally as an on set digital technician, and as a refresher in best practices for current digital technicians.

Learn how to properly tether your camera to Capture One Pro and run an efficient photoshoot from start to finish. Ask questions about what gear to use, how to set up your cables, and about Capture One. Plus, get to shoot on Phase One medium format camera equipment!

Multiple Cities and Dates
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New York Fashion photographer Jodi Jones has teamed up with Phase One to offer an exciting and unique opportunity in Minneapolis to learn how to create beautiful images, finding YOUR creative voice and take your business to the next level!