You Might Be Surprised At What You Find


Mega Pixels Digital is having a yard sale! Peruse our tables and take a look at some serious saving. All items are pre-owned and come with a 30 day return policy* as well as a Mega Pixels Digital Certificate of Functionality indicating the items have been tested and are in full working order.


 Buy used equipment with confidence

We test every single piece of used equipment we bring in. All items sold are fully functional and ready to help you create stunning images. Something slip past us? Let us know in 30 days and you’ll get your money back. Want to protect your purchase even more? Many of our used products qualify for a Mack Camera warranty- protecting against manufacturer defects for up to two years.

Phase One 45mm f2.8

 Front/Rear Caps, Hood, Original Box

Phase One 35mm f2.8

 Front/Rear Caps, Hood, Original Box

SK 150mm f3.5 LS

 Front/Rear Caps, Hood, Original Box

Phase One IQ380 Kit


 XF Body, Prism, SK 80mm LS, and IQ380 digital back

Leaf Credo 40 – M mount

 Leaf Credo 40 Digital Back

AFDII P21+ Kit

AFDII body, Mamiya 80mm f2.8, P21+ digital back

Leica S2 Kit w/70mm Summarit-S f2.5 Aspheric Lens

Body, 70mm f2.5, 2 Batteries, Charger, USB cable, Caps, Strap

Phase One P30 Mamiya Mount Digital Back

Pre- Owned Phase One P30 Digital Back in Mamiya Mount LOW shot count

Phase One 645 DF+

Phase One DF+ Camera Body, AA Battery Cage, Strap

Phase One 645 AF-HB Mount

Phase One 645 AF-HB Mount

DF+ and 80mmLS

DF+ and 80mm f/2.8 LS kit

Hasselblad HTS 1.5


HTS 1.5, Front and Rear Caps
Phase One Vertical Grip

Phase One V-Grip for DF and DF+ Camera Bodies

Profoto Air USB Dongle for Profoto Studio Air

USB Dongle and Cap

Lee Filters Foundation Kit

Full Foundation Kit

Profoto Grid Kit for OCF Flash Heads

10º, 20º, and 30º grids, grid holder, and case

Profoto Snoot for OCF Flash Heads


Snoot for B1 and B2 flash heads

1M Cable Release for DF/DF+

Coiled Electromagnetic Cable Release

5M Electromagnetic Cable Release for DF/DF+

Straight Electromagnetic Cable Release

Really Right Stuff BM645 L-plate


 Arca Swiss Compatible L Bracket for Mamiya 645 bodies including DF, and DF+

Profoto RFi Speed Ring

Phase One 645 DF+

Phase One DF+ Camera Body, Rechargeable Phase One Li-Ion Battery

Phase One DF+ Battery Kit

2x Rechargeable Battery for DF and DF+, Charging Dock, and AC Adapter

Looking for something else? Contact us below and we’ll help you find it.

*Returns may incur restocking fees