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Jan 2018
Phase One Medium Format Promotion
Phase One is bringing in the new year by offering a promotion on some amazing equipment. Phase One's XF IQ1 100MP camera system is the best possible way to achieve the ultimate in image quality at a much lower cost. By using the same sensor as the IQ3 100MP, the IQ1 100MP is able to achieve the same mind boggling image quality of its bigger brother while keeping costs lower. The full frame medium format CMOS sensor found in the IQ1 100MP digital back boasts a very lively live-view feed allowing for easy focusing on the sensor level, phenomenal ISO performance, and long exposures of up to 60 minutes. Learn Read more More Details
Dec 2017
Technical Update, XF Triggering via Profoto Air
#imagebox-2 .content .title { color: #27bdf4; } #imagebox-2 .content .subtitle { color: #27c8f9; } XF Triggering via Profoto Air A Technical Note Phase One’s recent major firmware update for the XF camera brought some really interesting functions to the XF camera system, not least of which was the ability to use the XF’s internal Profoto Transceiver to receive a signal from a Profoto Air Remote and wirelessly trigger the camera. Just like that, it was possible to wirelessly fire the camera body with an inexpensive remote that many photographers using Profoto equipment already owned.  The ability to provide features like this via a simple firmware update should not be understated. Read more More Details
Nov 2017
Capture One Pro 11 Released
#imagebox-5 .content .title { color: #27c8f9; } Capture One Pro 11 Released Phase One, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end digital camera systems, today released Capture One 11, a major new version of the industry’s premier RAW conversion and image editing software. This release builds on Capture One’s unmatched color handling, precision-editing tools, seamless tethered support, and native support for more than 400 different camera models. Photographers will enjoy new, highly responsive tools, workflow enhancements and a finely tuned processing engine. Capture One 11 has been designed to deliver a significantly faster and smoother experience. “We care deeply about what photographers need,” said James Johnson, software Product Manager, Phase One. Read more More Details
Nov 2017
XF Feature Update 4 Service Release 1 Available
#imagebox-6 .content .title { color: #28cafc; } Feature Update 4 Service Release 1 Now Available Today Phase One announced a service release for Feature Update 4. This new service release includes expanded lens support for the AFr (Autofocus and Recompose) mode in the XF body as well as additional lens support for the Automatic Focus Stack Calculator. Of particular note is the new ability to use the Automatic Focus Stack Calculator for non blue ring lenses. Here are a summation of the Updates: 1. Autofocus & Recompose mode (AFr) *Currently supported ONLY on the Schneider Kreuznach Blue Ring Lenses: • 55mm LS f/2.8 • 80mm LS f/2.8• 110mm LS f/2.8• 120mm Read more More Details
Sep 2017
Greg Anderson – Natl Beard and Mustache Championships
  Las Vegas Photographer Greg Anderson contacted Mega Pixels Digital a few months ago about an upcoming project. After discussing the subject matter and the specific needs for the shoot, Greg chose the Phase One IQ3 100MP Camera System. The amazing images he came back with have quickly been shared across the internet for obvious reasons. We asked Greg to give us some background about the project and to talk a little bit about his experience with the Phase One camera system   If you could, talk a little bit about the inspiration for the project.  In September 2012 I saw a news story about how the National Beard and Read more More Details
Sep 2017
Phase One releases 100MP Trichro
Phase One is known best for innovation. The art of perfecting the exceptional goes to the core of our philosophy. We’ve delved into digital photography from a different perspective and focused on something often taken for granted: Color. The significant role of color in photography is something no one can underestimate. Being able to capture what our eyes can see has been an ambition since the introduction of color photography. Color vitality and accuracy goes to the very heart of photographic expression. The IQ3 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back has achieved the next level of color capability by mimicking the color vision of the human eye, enabling the artist to express Read more More Details
Sep 2017
HAP-2 Update for XF Body Available
Phase One Releases HAP-2 hardware update.  Today Phase One announced a hardware update for the XF camera body. An upgrade of the initial version of the Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP-1), the HAP-2 upgrade improves on the autofocus performance of the XF camera system. Hardware Replacement The update replaces the dedicated CMOS sensor responsible for autofocus with a newly redesigned sensor with greater dynamic range and light sensitivity. Phase One indicates that this new sensor will lead to improved performance in certain situations, including low light environments and low contrast subjects.   An Optional Update The cost of the update is $890. However, we stress that this update is optional. If Read more More Details
Jul 2017
Phase One Summer Specials

Take Advantage of Phase One’s Summer Specials  Get a free XF Kit when buying an IQ1 100MP! If you’ve been on the fence about delivering the highest possible image quality to your clients, here’s the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Valid July 1st -August 31st, purchase an IQ1 100MP digital back and get a Phase One XF camera body and Schneider Krewuznach 80mm Blue Ring Leaf Shutter lens at no additional cost! That means you’re saving over $8,500! • Buy an IQ1 100MP and receive a free Phase One XF Camera with SK 80mm BR lens ($8,990 value!) • Order an XF IQ1 100MP Camera System for the price of a Read more

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Jun 2017
New Styles Released for Capture One

  Designed to accelerate the creative process   COPENHAGEN, June 8, 2017 — Phase One today announced Capture One Styles Packs. Applying a specific Capture One Style to a selected image transforms its ‘look and feel’ by implementing multiple image adjustments, without affecting key capture parameters such as exposure, white balance or levels. Each Style offers users plenty of scope – both before and after applying it – to further edit the image. One click offers Capture One Style users the opportunity to accelerate their creativity and improve their image editing process. A Capture One Styles Pack contains up to 18 different Styles focused on a specific theme. This flexible Read more

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May 2017
New Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic Digital Back

Today Phase One announced the Phase One IQ3 100 Megapixel Achromatic Digital Back. The only digital back of its kind. From Phase One: Over the past two decades, Phase One has dedicated itself to the craft of photography. Our camera systems are designed by photographers for photographers, and developed by specialists who push the boundaries of photographic possibilities. We are guided by the photographers who inspire us, embracing the traditions of fine art photography. Our goal has been to create a digital imaging system that captures the timelessness of black and white photography in extreme detail and resolution. A black and white image has the power to take us out Read more

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