Used on location, the D-Lite RX ONE is the perfect creative companion to an existing Speedlight system, making use of the built-in intelligent slave cell to offer perfect flash synchronization.

The D-Lite RX 2 and 4 are one step up in the Elinchrom studio flash family, offering a more robust case with ergonomic handle for harder working with larger accessories.

With 200Ws or 400Ws, these units are ideal for small business applications, portraiture and for everyone interested in the most creative lighting.

The BRX compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom. The concept is simple: control, power, speed and versatility. With many programmable features and the EL-Skyport remote system, the BRX enables photographers the greatest freedom to express their individuality.

The BRX series delivers the quality of performance needed for a modern workflow. Available in either 250 Ws or 500 Ws, they are perfect for portraiture, product and architectural photography.

The ELC Pro HD compact is Elinchrom’s latest unit. Available as either 500 Ws or 1000 Ws, these units are the highest performing and most professional units on the market.

Equipped with an OLED display for an easy and precise user experience, the ELC Pro HD benefits from cutting edge technology.

Recycling times are lightning fast while Swiss precision guarantees consistent power time after time, shot after shot.

But hardware isn’t all. The software built into this unit gives you the freedom to configure the ELC to your individual style of shooting, for every application.

Battery Packs

The Ranger Quadra Hybrid AS RX is a compact portable 400Ws battery flash system for studio and outdoors use.

Complete with fast recycling times, wireless trigger and remote options via the EL-Skyport, the Quadra Hybrid really is a perfect system for anyone who likes to work away from the mains.

Our latest firmware manages flash power consistency, remote power variation, LED modelling lamp and even more RX features. The choice of battery is up to the user. Lead-Gel batteries for low temperature robustness or Lithium-Ion batteries for light weight and high flash capacity. Two heads are available for the RQ system: an A (Action) head for action freezing flash durations and a S (Standard) head for maximum flash power and HyperSync™  applications.

Specifically designed for photographers who like to travel light but pack enough power to overpower the sun. The best flash duration is at full power when you are out on a sunny location. The built-in Skyport system enables seamless synchronization between your camera and the ELB 400. The OLED display features a rich and quick access to all features.

Godox Portable Power Inverter is an outdoor AC power supply and acts an indoor Emergency power supply! 2 great functions in one reliable power supply!

Run strobes, compacts, power packs and even charge your smart phones and tablets while away from your studio. The Godox Portable Power Inverter is capable of giving you the power when you need it most.

The Ranger RX Speed AS is a 1100 Ws portable battery pack unit. Recycling at full power in 3 seconds and delivering up to 250 flashes at full power makes this battery unit very powerful. Its 2:1 asymmetrical output allows fast flash durations while the 7 f-stops power range allows for precise control of light.

Incorporating the most advanced miniaturized components weighing in at 8 kg – and controllable by EL-Skyport remote control, by iDevicesTM, computer or by handset, the Ranger RX increases enormously the ease of using light on location. Its weather resistant design is also extremely useful.