Tether Tools® is a design and manufacturing company providing custom photography equipment and accessories for shooting tethered. Tether Tools® provides the highest quality tethering solutions for professional and enthusiast photographers.

The goal is to provide premium quality tools for photographers, filmmakers and creative professionals. Tether Tools® builds products to the highest standards and stand behind them by offering a lifetime warranty on many of their innovations.


Tether Tools cables and accessories can be found in our store here.

Offering products that makes shoots more streamlined and less complicated, Tether Tools is a pioneer in simple solutions to complicated problems.


While shooting tethered, its imperative to keep connection and not fight the technology. Tether Tools kits contain everything to get you going and to keep a good connection all day long.


Tethering cables are the first things to fail in a shoot- and it’s no wonder. They get crimped, stepped on, thrown around, and generally abused. That’s why its important to properly take care of your cables, but also to purchase a solid cable to begin with. Tether Tools FireWire and USB3 cables are trusted devices capable of getting the job done.